Everyone was so welcoming when I came in and the therapists were all so helpful and friendly.


Short Term Rehab Patient

“Everything is good, and I mean everything!”

“We all have a list of likes and dislikes and they don’t make you eat anything you don’t like.”

“They wake me up by saying “Rise and shine! Are you ready for your coffee?”

“They ask if there is anything we’d like them to fix for dinner.”

Long-Term Residents

Everybody’s been very kind, considerate and nice.  Everybody has treated us like family.

~Seely Lucas

Family Member

We try to make the atmosphere as comfortable and homelike as we can.  The employees treat the elders as their family.  You can definitely feel much love between the elders and employees.  It’s not the size of the facility that matters, it’s the quality and the care that we provide that makes us stand out above the rest.

~ Patty Riser